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GERTRUDE Expands ATB Beer Co. With New Flagship Brands

Following GERTRUDE’s successful launch of Around The Bend Beer Co., the agency’s Design, Branding, and Production division OZ MFG. COMPANY has been tasked to continue overseeing the brand development and packaging design for several new variants, ATB Beer Co. Mr. Marmalade, an imperial IPA brewed with Seville Oranges; ATB Beer Co. Villainous, the portfolio’s flagship IPA; and ATB Beer Co. Vera, a Pistachio Cream Ale.

“Around The Bend is an exceptional product, and now a very distinctive brand that equally embodies a sense of curiosity and exceptional quality that play very well among craft beer drinkers,” said GERTRUDE and OZ MFG. COMPANY Founder, CCO Otis D. Gibson. “We’re very excited to help lead ATB as they keep defining what’s next in craft beer invention”.

ATB’s Mr. Marmalade glows in the glass, flavor filled bossy bitterness that is smart and tart, sultry and sweet. Seville oranges are the foundation of the classic British marmalade. They lend an astringent bitterness that gives the jam its distinctive flavor. So too with this Imperial IPA, the blending of Seville oranges with orange blossom honey and loads of American hops delivers a compelling balance of sweet orange flavor and intense, long lasting bitterness. Mr. Marmalade plays with the palate, stimulating the senses and simply satisfies ounce after every golden, copper ounce.

Villainous is ATB’s wickedest brew yet. West Coast meets British-style IPA—loaded with Centennial, Simcoe, and Mosaic hops for grapefruit and passion fruit overtones. It’s the most diabolical of plans. Instead of a single yeast strain, Villainous employs four; two British and two West Coast, to make one Super-IPA strain. This imparts subtle flavors like apple, clover honey and pear. A blend of the most coveted hops adds floral and fruity flavors in perfect compliment. A nefarious pleasure to be sure.

Pistachios (species P. vera) have been used in culinary applications for thousands of years. For a much shorter period, innovative brewers have used them to add a luscious character to their beers. ATB Beer Co. Vera is a delicate Pistachio Cream Ale with Caravienne malt that adds a touch more body than some others might, yielding a very drinkable session beer you’ll want to get crackin’ with.

“Brewing innovation is at the heart of Around The Bend’s approach to craft beer,” said Dan Schedler, Founder of Around The Bend Beer Co. “GERTRUDE and OZ MANUFACTURING COMPANY intuitively understand marketing innovation and bring craft to branding and design. It’s not only a complement to our philosophy, but an invaluable asset to shaping and launching a new beer brand that will stand out on shelf.”

Around the Bend’s steampunk-inspired creative direction was conceived and developed by OZ MANUFACTURING COMPANY, the Design and Production division of global innovation, brand development, advertising, and marketing services consultancy GERTRUDE, INC.

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