GERTRUDE Launches Sonas Hospitality Co.

GERTRUDE INC. has completed lead strategic and creative duties for SONAS Hospitality Co., formerly Nevin’s Restaurants. SONAS Hospitality Co. maintains a family of properties in the Chicagoland area ranging from casual brewpub to fine dining. The properties include The Kerry Piper, Muldoon’s Irish Pub, Pete Miller’s Steak & Seafood, Nevin’s Brewing Company, and flagship brand Midnight Pig Beer. GERTRUDE handled brand development and design for the aforementioned bar, restaurant, brewery, and craft beer properties.

GERTRUDE initiated duties for SONAS Hospitality Co. with the rebranding and redevelopment of the parent company brand to align the concept with its roots in the culture of Irish hospitality, inspired by the long standing Irish tradition of welcoming all guests with open arms. As W. B. Yeats said, “There Are No Strangers Here; Only Friends You Haven’t Yet Met.” In Gaelic, SONAS (meaning “happiness”) embodies the character and true experience of Irish hospitality.

SONAS Hospitality Co. has long been a premier restaurant holding company developing and managing Irish pubs, neighborhood restaurants, and brewery environments. Since 1998, they have centered on customer enjoyment with a focus on creating great places that brings good people together through welcoming service, great food, entertainment, and relaxed, inviting surroundings.

SONAS, a family of brands, will work with GERTRUDE to rebrand all properties under its new creative platform encompassing naming, strategy, brand identity, advertising, P.O.S., collateral, digital, and environmental design.