GERTRUDE Celebrates Thirteen Years Of Innovation

February 1st, 2018 marked GERTRUDE’s 13th year of challenging brands to “Disrupt, Invent, & Evolve.” The renowned consultancy’s signature expertise in global brand innovation and brand development delivers smart, forward thinking, expertly crafted ideas and solutions that elevate brands and open new avenues for growth.

The noteworthy date also marks the 4th birthday for GERTRUDE’s Design + Production division OZ MFG. COMPANY, and 2nd successful year for Experiential + Architecture division RAYE.

GERTRUDE reflects on thirteen years of global creative leadership for some of the biggest, best, and most innovative brands worldwide. GERTRUDE, OZ, & RAYE kept shining throughout 2017 with a number of notable highlights:

  • New Clients – Therma-Stor Phoenix (Restoration equipment), Sonas Hospitality Co. (Restaurants Portfolio), and Midnight Beer Co.
  • The Hershey Company — New Product Development, Design, & Packaging
  • DIAGEO – Branding, Experiential, & Environmental design for global Innovation
  • OZ MFG. COMPANY – Expansion of our division to include a full-service production studio (Retouching, CGI, Tabletop Photography, Mechanicals, and Large Format Proofing)

We look forward in 2018 to extending GERTRUDE, OZ, and RAYE’s expertise through a host of upcoming exciting opportunities, growing our relationships, and best yet, making new friends.

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