Gertrude Steak 'N Shake 1-Color Logo on Black Background


Steak ‘N Shake Taps GERTRUDE For Brand Innovation

The renowned casual dining chain, famous for making Original Steakburgers™ and Real Milk Milkshakes since 1934, has awarded GERTRUDE creative duties focused on branding and outdoor. Steak ‘N Shake approached GERTRUDE seeking the agency’s expertise in Brand Innovation to reinvigorate its classic image and increase guest visits, kicking off with the development of a truly unique and buzz-worthy Outdoor Spectacular to be featured Nationally.

GERTRUDE will focus on the brand’s unique heritage, hand-craftsmanship, and superior quality in its core offerings that has made Steak ‘N Shake the go-to family friendly establishment for over eighty years, with a vision to expand for generations to come.