Gertrude, Inc. Raye Agency Shipping Container Main Entrance Schematic 01
Gertrude, Inc. Agency Custom Designed Red Shipping Container Entrance and Branding 02
Gertrude Raye Branded CTA Train Car 2238 Design Modification Schematic 01
Studebaker Cocktails Whisky 6iX Club Car Exterior
Gertrude Raye I.W. Harper Bourbon Branded Vehicle 1928 Ford Model A Huckster Design Schematic 01
I.W. Harper Custom Design 1928 Ford Model A Huckster Small 01
Gertrude, Inc. Raye Studebaker Cocktails Shipping Container Speakeasy Design Schematic 01
Gertrude Studebaker Cocktails Shipping Container Speakeasy Day



RAYE is GERTRUDE’s Experiential + Branded Architecture division specializing in custom-designed, fully mobile, branded architectural environments.

RAYE’s expertise is premium branded shipping container design, modification, and activation.

Backed by GERTRUDE’s renowned branding discipline, RAYE takes experiential to a completely new level, transforming a brand’s strategic architecture into physical, branded architecture. In short, Branded Architecture is the sum of Strategy + Design + Architecture + Advertising.

RAYE environments are also completely mobile, making RAYE fully adaptable not only to brands, but to locations and experiences across the globe.

RAYE opened with several projects for DIAGEO innovation brands, I.W. HARPER Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky and STUDEBAKER Expertly Crafted Whisky Cocktails. For the latter, RAYE redeveloped of a 20’ shipping container and a retired CTA Train Car into a custom designed and fabricated “modern speakeasy” and 1920s club car respectively, to introduce these premium, Prohibition inspired, pre-bottled whisky cocktails to the world.

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